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Premiere photography have photographed many weddings for as little as £245 at St Fagans

St Fagans Castle is a Grade 1 listed building and one of the finest Elizabethan manor houses in Wales, though much of the interior was remodelled during the 19th century. In 1946 the Castle, together with eighteen acres of land, was donated by the Earl of Plymouth to the National Museum of Wales as a site for a national open-air museum.
The castle is a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony and the well manicured grounds offer some fantastic photo opportunities for brides and grooms

Premiere Photography have photographed many weddings at St Fagans, to view some of the photographs we have taken at St Fagans Castle & Museum Grounds simply click on this link: Galleries – St Fagans

Address: St Fagans, Cardiff CF5 6XB

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